Millonarios vs Aguilas – Betting preview

Millonarios and Aguilas will play against each other in a match from Columbian Clausura. This is a meeting that offers excellent betting options and let us see what we can find for this match.

Betting odds for the match

Bookmaker Home Win Draw Away Win Bookmaker Margin
Pinnacle 1.47 3.93 8.57 105.14
William Hill 1.50 4.00 6.50 107.05
Bet365 1.55 3.40 7.50 107.26
Bwin 1.53 3.50 6.00 110.60
Sportingbet 1.53 3.50 5.75 111.32
Bet at Home 1.44 3.54 6.93 112.12
Indodingdong 1.49 3.75 5.40 112.30

Last 5 Millonarios matches as host

Millonarios vs. Dep. Cali 0-0
Millonarios vs Ind. Medellin 0:1
Millonarios vs. Chico 2:2
Millonarios vs. Envigado 1-0
Millonarios vs. Huila 1-0

Last 5 Aguilas matches as guest

Medellin 1-0 against Aguilas
Huila 2:2 vs. Aguilas
Dep. Pasto 0:1 against Aguilas
Bucaramanga 2:2 vs. Aguilas
Petrolero 2:0 against Aguilas

Only one success in recent matches managed to make Aguilas away from home. They also recorded two draws, but the more disappointing for them was that they allowed two losses. The defeat came from Ind. Medellin (1:0) and Petrolera (2:0), while the victory was achieved against Dep. Pasto with 0:1. Aguilas players shared one point with Huila (2:2) and Bucaramanga with the same result. If we look at the results in these last five matches as a guest, we can see that Aguilas players score an average of 1 goal per game or a total of 5. At the same time they receive 1.40 goals per match or a total of 7 read more.

Two wins, two draws and a loss is the balance of the hosts from Millonarios in their last five home games. Said with other words they won 8 out of 15 possible points at home. Millonarios defeated Envigado (1:0) and Huila (1:0) and lost from Ind. Medellin (0:1). The two recent draws on their own stadium were against Dep. Cali (0:0) and Chico (2:2). The goal difference for the hosts of Millonarios in the last five matches of his stadium is 4 scored goals against 3 allowed.

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Latest matches between Millonarios and Aguilas

Millonarios – Aguilas 1:1
Millonarios – Aguilas 0:0
Millonarios – Aguilas 2-0
Millonarios – Aguilas 3-0
Millonarios – Aguilas 1:2
Millonarios – Aguilas 1-0
Millonarios – Aguilas 2-1
Millonarios – Aguilas 2:3

In this match we can also look for a surprise. An Asian Handicap bet for +1 for an away win seems like a pretty good option. The odds for this are 1.75, which is more than good and will be our bet for this match.

Suwon against Anyang – Betting preview

Results from the last 5 home games of Suwon City

Suwon City vs Bucheon FC 1995 2-0
Suwon City vs Asan Mugunghwa 0:1
Suwon City vs Gwangju FC 1:1
Suwon City vs Anyang 1-0
Suwon City vs Asan Mugunghwa 0:2

Results from last 5 away games of Anyang

Busan 4:3 against Anyang
Seongnam 1-0 against Anyang
Bucheon FC 1995 1:2 against Anyang
Suwon City 1:0 against Anyang
Seongnam 1:1 against Anyang

Suwon City vs Anyang – Last 9 Matches

Suwon City vs Anyang 1:0
Suwon City vs Anyang 4:0
Suwon City vs Anyang 3:3
Suwon City vs Anyang 1:2
Suwon City vs Anyang 0:0
Suwon City vs Anyang 2:1
Suwon City vs Anyang 3:1
Suwon City vs Anyang 1:0
Suwon City vs Anyang 2:3

The football match between the teams of Suwon City and Anyang from Korea’s Premier League will be played today. This is a match that offers lots of betting options and with a little more efforts, you can find some value bets through with to make a decent profit.

Suwon City and Anyang betting odds

William Hill 2.00 3.20 3.60
Bet365 1.90 3.50 4.00
Sbobet 2.09 2.93 3.55
Sportingbet 1.93 3.10 3.75
Bet at Home 1.94 2.98 3.59
Bwin 1.91 3.10 3.80
judi sbobet slot 2.09 2.93 4.29

Let’s look at the results Anyang achieved in theirs last few meetings away from home. The team suffered three defeats, scored one draw and took only one victory. The win came against Bucheon FC 1995 with 1:2, while the draw was in the game against Seongnam (1:1). The three losses were made from Busan (4:3), Seongnam (1:0) and Suwon City (1:0). 6:8 is the goal difference in the last five matches of Anyang away from their stadium.

You can follow the results live on

Two successes in their last five home games managed to make the hosts of Suwon City. Meanwhile, Suwon City players have suffered two defeats and statistics from the last five matches shows one more draw. Thus, they made 7 out of 15 possible points from their last matche at home. The wins were made against Bucheon FC 1995 with 2:0 and Anyang with 1:0. The losses came against the team of Asan Mugunghwa 0:1 and 0:2. The draw was made against Gwangju FC (1:1).

If we look at the goals, we would see that the hosts of Suwon City have scored 4 goals recently in home or an average of 0.80 per match. At the same time they have received again 4 goals or 0.80 average per game.

All this shows that you could risk and bet on a draw for this meeting. The best odds come from Bet365, which offer 3.5 for this match to finish without a winner.